He scanned my address instead of the seller one. after i paid i kept asking seller for a tracking number and they wouldnt respond so i kept waiting for the item to come, never did. My package was picked up last Thursday, 12/8, but it was never scanned. I did receive the “We have successfully completed your Package Pickup” email from USPS.com, with a confirmation number.I called both my local usps office and the 800 line. What to Do If You Receive a Late Package . It's a vintage item bought from ebay. No package at front door either. If your package is in the US, they should be able to look for it or track it down from its last known location. Now it says it is still in the usps facility with the same scan. eBay and Etsy have sounded the alarm on USPS package delays, but shipping company Shippo has actually published hard data that shows which services are impacted and by how much. ". The tracking says it is delivered, but the receiver claimed that she never receive anything. They lost my $1600 PC!!! I bought something on ebay, then i tracked through usps. Now I am going to send a claim of package lost to usps. Registered Buyer ‎04-25-2019 10:34 PM. '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); Your package is most likely in a Parcel Locker box in a cluster mailbox. Advice, College Life. First you want to go to the USPS.com/help/claims.htm address which will bring you to the official File a Claim section of the USPS website. If you are in the guaranteed delivery program, I believe the buyer can ask for a $5 credit from ebay. by WashiWednesday. I am trying to shake things up from my end. My eBay packages are not being scanned at the Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania post office so there’s no tracking information and my customers are writing me every day wondering what’s going on. if (!document.MAX_used) document.MAX_used = ','; He opened a case with eBay. If the package is still nowhere to be found, it’s possible that it was erroneously marked as delivered by USPS. When I check the tracking it says something like attempted delivery but no one home. They both departed the Philadelphia sort facility and that was the last they were heard from. I had a Priority package going to a town about an hour drive from my house. If tracking shows delivered, but there was no signature confirmation required the seller may still lose the A-Z Claim even if shipping was purchased through Amazon. I always provide as much information as I possibly can, such as it's last location, tracking number, and destination. I just received an email update from usps that my 1 package that had been stalled in NY has arrived in Texas finally!!! I've always had USPS deliver mail to me and when the boxes are too-large, they leave it in the front-yard. At my wits end. In order to be protected, tracking must be from one the shipping carriers integrated with eBay and must include the date you shipped the item, the date it was delivered, and the address it was delivered to. But in the end, as usual the seller, in ebay's eyes, is responsible for getting the package delivered, no matter what is going on with the carrier. :(. One more leg to journey to her house. Must be all those vibes I have been sending out. They are really dropping the ball lately. Sadly, this does not happen with other delivery services. USPS just lied about attempting to deliver my package. They have NO control over what happens after the package is legally delivered. Usps tracking is unreliable.USPS does not scan all packages upon acceptance and even when they do, tracking doesn’t always appear. I ordered a product (off Etsy) and it was shipped on 3/6 via Priority Mail from Salt Lake City, UT. USPS said it has hired holiday staffers, expanded delivery and retail hours, leased more vehicles, and expanded technology to enhance package tracking. I bought something on eBay like 3 weeks ago. No, it just got delivered, because that is what happens to packages, even if they get delayed. Is this a new thing? 'https://www.ecommercebytes.com/new_ad_server/www/delivery/ajs.php':'/new_ad_server/www/delivery/ajs.php'); Tracking Shows Delivered, But No Package! So it shows up quickly as being in USPS possession. Then it updated to "10:15am delivery attempted, no access to location". I live in a large apartment complex thas has parcel lockers. i went to the post office they tried to find the package, but cannot, and said there is nothing they can do. I live in an apartment where they have a key to all the resident mailboxes. USPS Tracking number has it as delivered today. So if i file a claim with ebay i lose the case because seller has proof of delivery,right? A reader explained what he is seeing on his eBay shipping page: "AFTER we've all setup USPS selections/rates (as recommended/pushed by eBay), after the sale is made, and we go to buy the shipping label. A customer placed an order on May 10 and I shipped it out on May 11. When I checked on the status this morning, it is "In Transit" with no expected delivery date on the USPS website. Some sellers believe displaying longer delivery estimates will help protect them from unreasonable expectations on the part of buyers, who are always anxious to get their items quickly. @fadule8 what happened with your package? If your item is showing as delivered, or the estimated delivery date has passed, check with a neighbor in case you weren't home when the package arrived and they took delivery of it for you. There may be occasions where a mail … Try this! then i opened a paypal claim for item not received -then guess what THEY PUT A TRACKINGNUMBER AND IT SAYS IT WAS DELIVERED LAST WEEK!!!! For tracking your missing mail, CLICK HERE and enter your tracking number to see the status of your mail item. if (document.mmm_fo) document.write ("&mmm_fo=1"); I called both my local usps office and the 800 line. It made it to within 50 miles of the buyer's home in Iowa in two days, then bounced out to TX, back again to Iowa, then to Tennsessee, then to Oklahoma, then back to Iowa, back to a different city in TX, then to yet another locale in TX where it sat for 3 days, then to New York, where it departed 3 days ago, current whereabouts unknown. I have called the local post office in the past which also works. Filling out a lost/stolen package claim also works like magic. According to eBay rules, you are entitled to a refund or replacement item from the seller unless they have tracking information that confirms the package was delivered. Still, it is messaging to customers that parcels sent by Dec. 18 could be delivered by Christmas, even though Philly-area businesses have reported packages sent as early as Nov. 27 remain undelivered, with no tracking updates of their status or location. Multiple packages that delivered later than 8 p.m. on the promised delivery day could land USPS in hot water with the e-commerce giant. . Then, if your tracking shows your item as “delivered”, but you haven’t received it, you’re going to be frustrated. The shipping address on the order on Ebay comes up correct. document.write ("?zoneid=4"); If you ship to international buyers directly (not using eBay’s Global Shipping Program), you can select the eBay international standard delivery option as an economical choice to deliver your product. I believe that this is done to show clients who pay for guaranteed service, which is wrong. var m3_u = (location.protocol=='https:'? So, eBay is suggesting to sellers, after they've charged the lower/lowest USPS rate, to spend OUR money, and choose more expensive alternative shipping "to improve the buying experience."". Hi guys and gals, So this is not the first time it’s happened to me but i had an order where the tracking information on a USPS Priority mail package said “In Transit, Delayed” and was 2-3 weeks late. 'no access to delivery location.' Has anyone ever had the USPS delivery confirmation show that a package was delivered but no package? I tried the form it will only allow US addresses. I will be filing a claim with the USPS as this is showing DELIVERED to the correct address but you are saying it was not delivered. '&charset='+document.characterSet : '')); document.write (document.charset ? Deb, that's a great suggestion! Sellers are also discussing the longer delivery estimates eBay is showing to shoppers - and they are divided about the wisdom of this move and the potential impact to their sales and potential customer claims. I was home all day so I know no one else signed for it and that it was not stolen (I … The only thing that happens when you call these places is they run the same tracking number that you did. I had one that slipped down next to the seat in the USPS truck. The USPS has received the notification that this has been done. If 36 to 48 hours have passed and still your package is a no-show, then you can file a complaint directly at Amazon. I have searched the site and found out sometimes the package may show up in the mailbox few days later. We recommend you wait another 2 business days as normally, your package will still arrive. But others believe it will put their listings at a disadvantage, pushing shoppers to other websites promise quicker delivery times - even if those sites can't actually "deliver" on those promises. wow, that is really something. I guess they are making sure you are getting your money's worth, "shipping".... My package arrived today! If the package eventually shows up, it is highly unlikely that they will pay you back. I've marked this for future reference. Here's why your mail and packages are a no-show or delivered late Customers experiencing mail delivery issues can connect with our customer service representatives by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS … You can take the package to any USPS drop off location, or arrange a regular USPS package pickup. They've already done everything they could to insure delivery. document.write (document.charset ? This is literally impossible for them to have access issues to. You can enter 35 tracking number maximum, separated by a comma. I don't know, but it's worth a try. If the item is worth $750 or more, it should also show the signature confirmation of the recipient. USPS tracking shows that yesterday all the 3 were delivered into the parcel locker. For the convenience of its customers, the USPS offers a unique feature, where the customer can track their packages. The GPS scan will show that too, and if the weight is off (you were expecting a 2 lb package but USPS shows 4 oz) then eBay will likely side with you as well upon appeal. My address on ebay is correct, as is the address on Paypal. How eBay Sellers Can Use USPS Tracking to Commit F: by: a_c_green : Wed May 6 14:18:38 2015: @ebay refugee camp: > You cannot run that scam on ebay, ebay will check the > address to see if it was shipped to the correct address. Go to Tracking. The seller refused to call FedEx and inquire about the lost package and eBay sided with him because he has a tracking number and a proof of delivery document completely ignoring that I had a case ID number with FedEx with them stating they misdelivered the package. I got no package. I did get 3 UPS packages later in the day. To know this, just visit the main site of USPS and start tracking your package. USPS delivery vehicles sometimes use GPS to update tracking and this can cause a premature “Delivered” to show up in your tracking page. Just won't call the USPS 800#. Of all of the packages we have received INR claims on between all of our sales channels we have only has 1 that USPS was showing actually delivered to their address. USPS. You ordered the item, the company has picked the order and made a sending label and put it on the box. Great proactive advice! I ordered off eBay; nothing expensive. It's happened to me as a seller too after a customer emails wanting to know why their package hasn't arrived, and then miraculously it finally does! USPS scanning has been terrible lately. I bought something on ebay with paypal.I never received it although it shows delivered with delivery confirmation.Small envelope package was not at my door nor in mailbox. I ask because in the past, it usually shows the expected delivery date within 3 days after the package has been in transit. document.write ("