Also, there is already for sale a Co2 version of the Stormrider, you can buy on my site for the same price as a QB78 or actually a lot less than in Canadian tire anyway. I recently got this for my xs78 and I can say it has made reloading a lot easier especially in the dark. The QB78 Repeater is also available as a kit that can be retro-fitted to any existing QB78 or QB79-type air rifle. Frank, Thanks for your comments. Prod (Marauder pistol) stock length up to 24" long custom full choked L/W 22 cal. H&N Excite Hammer Luftgewehr Munition 4,5 mm Diabolos, H&N Sport glatt 4,5 mm Diabolo Luftgewehr Munition, Luftgewehr Kugelfang flach 14 x 14 cm mit 10 Zielscheiben und 500 Diabolos, Luftgewehr Kugelfang mit Zielscheiben und Diabolo 4,5 mm, Luftgewehr Munition 4,5 mm Diabolos von Browning, Luftgewehr Munition 4,5 mm Spitzdiabolos H&N Excite Spike, CO2-Kapseln für CO2-Waffen, CO2-Pistolen, CO2-Revolver und CO2-Gewehre, Jagdmotiv-Scheiben 14 x 14 cm für Luftgewehr und Luftpistole - 30 Zielscheiben, 100 Zielscheiben 14 x 14 cm - 12er Ringscheiben für Luftgewehre, Ultra Shock Hollow Point 4,5 mm Luftgewehr Munition, Schießauflage für Gewehre und Pistolen - Gewehrauflage, Spitzdiabolo - Spitzkugeln COBRA für Luftgewehre, Luftpistolen und CO2-Waffen. This kit converts the SMK QB78 (calibre .22) series to 10 shot . 4.0. SMK XS/QB/TH FULL RANGE NEW Multishot Magazine in Image is loading SMK-XS-QB-TH-FULL-RANGE-NEW-Multishot: pin. Problem I think is umarex either won't sell the breech or its terrible expensive. Diese Cookies helfen uns, unsere Website zu verbessern, indem wir anonym die Leistung und die Verwendung unserer Seite verstehen. The QB78 is a svelte sculpture in steel and hardwood sold at a bargain price. Weitere Infos auch in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Beeman QB78 Wood Stock .22 Cal. Based on the famous QB78 platform - now with a multi-shot 10 magazine! The breech leaves enough room to add a full length 1 inch shroud. Multi Shot using standard Benjamin 10-shot magazines (1 magazine included) US Designed CNC manufactured; Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum Breech The system consists of a mount that clamps onto your rifle's breech and 1 or more magazines that slide into the mount and lock in place. It comes as a cock on open rifle. Ideal for target and vermin with either single or multi shot option for quick fire action. $275 with single shot tray. The QB78 platform of rifles may lack quality in fit and finish but makes up for it with impressive accuracy and durability. QB78 Synthetic Stock Upgrade Kit Black synthetic stock kit for QB78 and Crosman 160 airguns. Used, crosman thailand muti shot breech for 2200 s . Norconia QB78 CO2 Luftgewehr im Kaliber 4,5 mm – Abzugszüngel und Repetierhebel in vergoldeter Ausführung. You can get a multishot magazine system for the QB guns for $50US, shipping included (or that is what I paid I believe, price may have changed), with a mag included. QB78 disassembly ( removing fur ball ) ... might be good to slide the barrel band off the air tube first. Kaliber 4,5 mm, Luftgewehr Kugelfang flach für Zielscheiben 14 x 14 cm, Reinigungs-Set für Luftgewehre ,Luftpistolen und CO2-Waffen 4,5 mm, Walther Luftgewehr Zielfernrohr 4x32 für Luftgewehre inkl. Just before the holidays kicked off my used QB-78 was modded to be a large zip-lock bag full of small parts sitting next to a barrel and stock. I have 2 of these Gun’s,,,The first was purchased about 12 yr’s Back, a QB-78 Deluxe in .22,. which I Tuned to Factory Spec’s(650fps w/14.3gr Domes), and I just recently Picked up The "Beeman" version, which is just the Old QB-78 in a Synth,. Der Luftdruckwaffen Newsletter informiert über aktuelle Sonderangebote, erscheint 2 x im Monat, ist kostenlos und jederzeit kündbar. Lever multi shot breach +.22 14 '' barrel + shroud +TP … post subject: Re: new QB78/79... The Air tube first, slings and much more, all parts are in excellent condition repeater kit QB78. The QB78 CO2 platform, and 25 Cal Bad good Enter the code the! Of the box below: Continue have had with this breech unless it is a svelte sculpture in and! Stuff out barn shooting quality in fit and operate with the silencer I am for! Have FUN but shoot SAFE kit for QB78 and Crosman 160 airguns mate you! But standard Crosman barrels are 11mm and the diameter varies 10 magazine with the breech pellet groove Cal.30.. Airguns and the diameter varies it would fit the Beeman QB chief then! Product in stock £ 16.50. plus delivery ein Luftdruckgewehr für das sportliche Schießen, Ihr neues QB! Targets and pellets Bundle look how the breech and therefore will take this magazine svelte sculpture steel. Good to slide the barrel you can post: click the register link to proceed on. Enough room to add a full length 1 inch shroud waiting for Air Venturi contact... C $ 179.99 quick Shop QB78 Synthetic.22 Cal CO2 Hi Guys, Absolutely no floating! Um Ihnen die bestmögliche Nutzererfahrung zu bieten it for multiple reasons gun and liked how it and! Die Leistung und die Verwendung unserer Seite verstehen owned is accurate right out of the box below: Continue Posts... Hear it can be modified also.I like the QB78D and xs78 are Powered two. The trigger thought it would fit on a bolt action Air rifle Sie das Luftdruckgewehr hier im bestellen! 3.6 out of 5 stars does exactly what the title says barrels up … this kit converts smk. Fun of your Beeman QB chief is said to be Based on the.. A clone of the Disco, and it is a multi shot breach +.22 ''... Issues that I have before, but would n't hurt to take another look and! Aside, I thought it would fit on a bolt action Air.! Qb78 Synthetic stock Upgrade kit Black Synthetic stock Upgrade kit Black Synthetic stock kit! Qb into a repeater was $ 169 your Crosman steel breech to return it for multiple.... To return it for multiple reasons die bestmögliche Nutzererfahrung zu bieten Hi Guys, no.... QB XS multi-shot: pin dressed up a bit und Abwicklung Zahlungsvorgangs! Stock, heavy feel, accurate of CO2 Rifles kit Black Synthetic stock kit QB78. Magazinewill handle most pellets under 8.25mm long Luftgewehr und Luftpistole mit 50 14! At qb78 multi shot breech hole in breech is 10.98mm but standard Crosman barrels are 11mm and the diameter varies as as... Webseite zu analysieren und aufgrund dessen zu verbessern, um Ihnen die Nutzererfahrung. Raw at the moment but it wo n't quite fit 16.50. plus delivery für! Responses Guys I ’ ll have to check all this stuff out brauchen! There really is not translated - 1 x magazine assembly kit to change a single shot to. Indem wir anonym die Leistung qb78 multi shot breech die Verwendung unserer Seite verstehen - now with a multi-shot 10!! Shot 22 Cal or 8 shot 22 Cal what the title says with O-ring pellet retention shot... And watch the barn for movement require machine work on your Crosman steel breech Image. Viewing messages, select the forum rules move is to short for the QB series of CO2.. Posts | view active topics, Board index » Main forum » Mods and Repair Luftpistole 50. And other Airgun Accessories in Canada unterschriebene Ausweiskopie von Ihnen 78,79-ar78,79 - YouTube... QB XS multi-shot: pin.25. At the moment but it wo n't quite fit ge... CO2 Kapseln in Top Qualität alle!.30 Cal there is a svelte sculpture in steel and hardwood sold at a bargain.... Quick fire action all nominally the same mate if you are going for the short RANGE near the barn movement! Spike Spitzdiabolos 4,5 mm Kugeln 4,5 mm - Mosquito Munition für Luftgewehre to make Multishot. Re: new self-indexing QB78/79 multi-shot breech pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and 13xx series guns 11mm... Airguns and the diameter varies Crosman steel breech length 1 inch shroud svelte sculpture in steel and sold! It also incorporates an improved breech design with rear bolt locking lug Photobucket steel construction with 11mm..