After you wash these shirts, the colors stay the same. If it’s not bleached enough after a few minutes, do another gentle spray, blot it up, and wait again. I know with some other transfer processes I do, I’ve actually done them years later but just need to check with this process! A purplish color can mean an issue with your ICC Profile, which would be something you would need to talk the people you got it from to correct that. Backsplash - Sublimation users can add a pattern to the backsplash. Choose a blank T shirt in a bright color, and tie it with rubber bands. How to Press a Latte Mug Using The New BJ870 4-in-1 Mug Press! This could be caused by a few different things. Hi I have rcecently bought a mug press heat transfer paper I have tried to print a couple of mugs but to no avail the image wont transfer I an using a hp printer but am using ordinery ink do I need to purchase special ink ??? Tip 1 2.Never rub the t-shirt ,especially the images part when washing. Thanks! The printer is Epson stylus C88. One or two sprays of bleach will eventually lighten the whole area; don’t get impatient and spray more bleach, just give it more time to start working. People can use this technology to DIY many special thing as a gift or souvenir. The amount of time required varies depending on the item being dyed. Any thoughts? One part of the drawing comes fine and the bottom is faded. - Sublimation does not use white ink therefore if there is white in the design it will become the color of the fabric you apply it to. I have tried 3 different paper brands and have sublimation ink. With mugs in a 3D machine we suggest 204° C for 12-15 minutes. Though please do keep in mind that the paper itself may still yellow a bit since it is being essentially cooked in the press. Although popular, we recommend using extreme caution when working with bleach and understanding that bleach degrades the fabric, which could cause a shorter “shelf life” for your sublimated products. Please suggest guys as m in urgent need. A pressure issue perhaps? Which mugs are you using? The very outside of the heat platen will not get as hot as the center of the platen. try 400 degree heat for 250 seconds and this is what works great for me. :0) You will need: A spray Bottle Bleach Water A Bowl Stencils (if you wish) Spray paint (Optional) Gloves and a mask and a well ventilated area. Ta-Da! Hi Once the bleach is completely dry, peel up the stencil. Or you can download the graphic by clicking the image below. Also, don’t freak out when the shirt changes colors during the bleaching process! Tom – Can you give us some more details? I believe the issue may be the substrate. 1) Be sure to mirror or flip your image prior to printing. You can get a full list of the time and temperatures needed. Okay, these above are the two main tips that you should better take care when wash your sublimated T-shirt. Trying to print but the image doesn’t transfer. Sublimation socks, blankets, towels, and laptop sleeves can be machine-washed cold with like colors at no more than 86ºF (30ºC). For fabrics, we recommend an adhesive spray to prevent the paper from moving. If you are doing it at 204° C and it is over-pressing you may want to drop it between 170 to 190 and see if the yellowing stops. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using 100% polyester garments – sublimation cannot dye cotton. I recommend looking up Youtube videos on how to bleach. Especially after you wash it for the first time. Take the paper towels and gently blot/ dry off the vinyl. Dec 17, 2020 - Explore Becca Gasperoni's board "sublimation shirt", followed by 197 people on Pinterest. I have made the paper larger than the mug in height, but since I can’t wrap it through the handles, I am now seeing a straight light hue of blue line where the paper ends by the handle. I am using 180 degree and 8 mins for mobile covers and (200 degree 8 lins for mugs). I’ve compiled a list of some the most common sublimation mistakes customers make in order to help you avoid making these same blunders. Please advise me…thanks anticipated. Sublimation is only for 100% Polyester and will not transfer correctly to cotton. Mockups - You can use these to apply on top of digital photography mockups to give your shirt a bleached look. Washing in cooler water will also help reduce the amount of fading and other wear that will occur. It's best to hang-dry, but tumble-drying can be used on a low cycle if necessary. Where you are experiencing some issues at 14 minutes we would suggest maybe trying the 12-13 minute range. You can sub before or after you bleach the shirt. 7. I am getting the same result of the yellow transfer. What Paper and Ink are you using? If any inkjet ink has been in the printer, you will need to do several head cleanings and possibly some head flushings in order to make sure that the inkjet ink is completely out of the printer. This gas is then absorbed by the fibers of the shirt and resolidified. If you’re just seeing a yellow image transfer onto the garment, you’re probably using inkjet ink. I have now installed the sublimation ink & getting the yellow color after using the heat press. The time and temps might vary a little depending on the inks you are using along with the particular model of 3D press. Using high quality sawgrass IQ ink. Grab this bundle to add a bleach effect, just as you would when using sublimation transfers. WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: In this file you will ... bleaching patches More … It’s always a good idea to make sure when you first receive your printer to store any sample inkjet cartridges away so they aren’t accidentally installed. Another straightforward step that is very important is to make every effort to avoid getting tough stains on the shirt in the first place. You can sublimation before or after your bleach the shirt. Visit our Knowledge Base for more information on getting started with sublimation! Soak the shirt in a solution of bleach and water for 5 to 10 minutes, then lift it out. With this machine I received some heat transfer paper as well as gloves and tape. Less is definitely more with this project and it will take a full 24 hours to really see the full effect of the bleach on the shirt. Unzip, File>> Open, Invert, Trace, Select Pattern. After I’m done the imagen left on the paper is lovely but not on the mug? Take Care of The Tips When Wash Your Sublimated T-shirts ! Accidentally pressing the blank with the plastic still on it will result in a melty, ugly mess. This is a how-to and follow up on my last Instructable. I have had customers who have it print out fine and the moment the heat hits it gases off and activates the color. If you notice that the color is lighter around the edges, make sure that you don’t have the substrate positioned too close to the edge of the heat press. How Does Rotary Heat Transfer Machine Make Pressure? 1.You’d better wait 2 hours after sublimation printing if you want to wash it.And remember, turn the t-shirt over when washing. I am using a Sawgrass sublimation printer, sublimation paper, heat transfer, the bands, and a 3D mug heat press. On polyster giving very vibrant and good print. When the ink and paper reach 400°F, the ink sublimates and becomes a dye that permanently bonds to polymers. Use a spray bottle slightly diluted with 2 parts bleach and 1 part water. Finally we are seeing some of the image transferred to the case but the image is still blurry and in no way projects to be a high quality production. What’s more, take into consideration when washing is to wash your item on a delicate cycle if possible. I don’t know whats wrong? The design WILL NOT bleach away. Please help thankyou. Thank you for your reading. Sublimation is a quick and fairly simple way to create beautiful, personalized items out of blank substrates. When you wash your sublimated T-shirt, you should better turn the garment inside out to keep any unnecessary friction from rubbing the design. Do you have some advice? How to Choose Fabric for Digital Transfer Printing? Not pressing at a high enough temperature: Sublimation takes A LOT of heat! Has anyone else had this? Hi! Unfortunately a yellowed item will not clear up so it may not be the best to keep using to look for improvements. Try wrapping your mug with a piece of plain copy paper on top of the transfer sheet to fully protect the uncovered areas of the mug from the element/wrap. pleas advise. please help me We recommend trying to press the tiles using a pressing pillow under the tile. I have an Epson sub printer and sub paper and sub ink. Hello everyone. I hope this helps explain things! I have recently purchased the Ricoh Aficio SG3110DNW and the Generic any possible way to correct it? Sublimation socks, blankets, towels, and laptop sleeves. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hello you would need a color profile provided by the manufacturer of your inks. and we have already tried 195º for 9.5 min as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need your help .. I’m a beginner at using sublimation transfer paper.. and I have a problem .. first let me tell U what I have .. I’m using epson l800 printer and a press machine..and I use it to print on baby onesie which is almost 90% cotton and I use 355 degree for 40 seconds ..the problem is that after pressing the paper on the baby onesie the result is so fade and mostly all of the photo still on the sublimation transfer paper .. I’ve tried to increase the temperature but unfortunately the baby onesie was burned You can sublimation before or after your bleach the shirt. If the piece requires more bleaching… Can anyone please help me since I have used all my earnings in this project and I feel a little frustrated since I had the chance to sell the cases in a mall during the Christmas season and finally couldn’t do it. The mug was lain in the grid. English isn´t my first language, but i hope that you can understand my problem.. After pressing, make sure you remove the transfer paper immediately. I want to pre-print lots of images for mug pressing whilst things are quiet but don’t know if the ink deteriorates after a certain length of time. If you plan to add mugs and hats to your business, you will also need a mug press and a hat press. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. For some reason gray colors turn purple on the transfer paper and whenever I transfer it on a mug or a phone case it turns yellow. • Sublimation Transfer Paper* STEP ONE – PRINTING YOUR IMAGE. However, this process can easily go wrong if the directions aren’t followed carefully. Backsplash - Sublimation users can add a pattern to the backsplash, such as leopard print. In My first attempt 1 side of the mug was fine and the other side was faded. The problem persists. Make sure your printer is using actual sublimation inks. As a result, no ink is on the surface of the shirt which preserves the original soft feel of the material. if so what is it Lightly but evenly spray the shirt with the bleach. I would tackle the ICC profile aspect first to see if that the cause and then move onto adjusting the time and temperature. You can grab some pressing pillows on our site here: 2) Be sure to print on the bright white side of the paper. While do you know how to wash your sublimated T-shirt in a right way? Now for the scary part…bleach. All my images come out very dull on the mug why is that what must I do to enhance the colour? Bleach. I keep getting a blue hue wherever the paper touches the mug and there is no image. Same Temperature and Press Time When Use Calender Heat Press Machine? If they do occur, then try to get them out before they set. thanks ^_^. Just be prepared that once the area that is white is pressed, it might turn yellow like a burnt color. If you are attempting to use Sublimation paper on the mug then there are 2 things you need to make sure to do. Hi, I have an 3D sublimation machine and i have a problem with the mug´s process. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dyepress Poly-T Plus: Sublimation Coating for 100% Cotton & Blends: 4 oz Concentrate Makes 16 oz of Spray at