7 Habits Participant - Open Program - February, 2017

A one of a kind workshop with so many aspects that I have learnt and revisited through the 7 habits. Whilst I like to believe that I picked up on all 7 habits, it would be a little less than the truth because it truly takes time to work on each habit diligently. I have started to practice a few promises that I have made with myself and they have brought a wonderful change in me physically and mentally. I keep my focus on private victories whenever I feel something is not making sense and it makes me stronger and more proactive and less reactive.

Wonderful trainer and mentor throughout the workshop, we need many such individuals around us filled with positivity and “we” attitude.

Leadership Participant - Habib Bank Limited - December,2016

My three key take aways from this workshop and my plan to implement each one in my teams is as follows:
1. Whole-person paradigm: The academic background of each member of the two teams is different. While assigning tasks I must take into account the person as a whole: what his physical and mental capabilities are and how I must engage their mind, spirit, heart and body for assigned tasks. 
2. Levels of engagement: what choices are the team members making in reflecting their commitment to work: 1) Rebel; 2) Malicious Obedience; 3) Willing Compliance; 3) Cheerful Cooperation; 4) Heartfelt Commitment; 5)Creative Excitement. In my teams there are members who respond negatively to a direction given and then there is a need to convince them to follow the directive. I can now categorize their response in terms of their level of engagement and then work to see how this can be further improved/rewarded.
3. Four imperatives of Great Leaders: I understand that the purpose of any assignment needs to be clarified; inspire trust by demonstrating that I am myself capable to fulfilling the task satisfactorily by quoting examples/share previous experience, demonstrating my own character and competence; align systems to ensure the worker has the required tools to deliver the assigned task; unleash talent by exploring the hidden capabilities of the worker.

Open Workshop - October 2016

Hi, I attended the The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training on 10/18/2016 and 10/19/2016 held in Islamabad Pakistan.

The training was very helpful and was an eye opener for me in many aspects.

Though the whole training content was excellent but the top most 3 take away for me from this training are:

  1. Circle on Influence Vs Circle of Concern.
  2. Begin with the end in mind (Compass comes first then comes the clock).
  3. Think Win Win.

Nomura Services India Private Limited - September 2010

The 'Train the Trainer' session was unlike any that I've attended before as it was a one-on-one session with personal attention. The FranklinCovey Master trainer was full of experience & knowledge in relation to the subject which came out through his personal stories, examples & situations. The session had a unique flow to it with review on videos, debrief pointers & key messages to be brought out from the audience perspective.

More than a training I count this as an experience in itself which was made rich with insights & examples.

I'm grateful to the FranklinCovey Master Trainer for having given me this experience & for sharing candidly every experience on "7 Habits for Highly Effective People". This experience has equipped me to conduct the training with ease & confidence.

Morgan Stanley Certified Trainer Participant for Time Management - January 2010

I am convinced that the great reviews are because of the Program content - so relevant and realistic - everyone relates to it. Appreciate your continuous support on this important initiative.

S.C.E.R.T. Certified Trainer Participant, Govt. of Chhattisgarh - January 2010

How should I thank for the ecstacy you have given to me? Today I completed my 8th batch of training in 7 habits.., more than 160 participants in all.

When participants thank me, I express gratitude to FranklinCovey from the depth of my heart.

Wipro - 7Habits Train The Trainer Participant

This is to put on record the successful completion of TTT at Wipro. Appreciate the hard work the master trainer has put during the 3 days at Wipro. He was able to strike a chord with all the trainers at Wipro and he was able to not only live but exceed our expectations.
The number of examples he gave were so many for each habit that I think the trainers may not be able to exhaust them in one or two years. The examples also had good variety. Some were light and some in depth that can be used by trainers depending on the type of participants.
Since most trainers were very senior trainers it was not easy for someone to match their level but the master trainer was able to show them ways they will need to mould themselves to meet the structure and process of 7 Habits program very nicely.
Lastly I would like to mention that the master trainers showed tremendous patience to ensure that each trainer gets the concepts clear even while other trainers who understood were trying to push thru in some situations.
Wipro looks forward to working closely with FranklinCovey. Wish you all a very merry Christmas and our wishes are with you as you grow Franklin Covey and meet your vision.

Wipro - 7Habits Train The Trainer Participant

It was fantastic having you over at Wipro. The expectations I had and the apprehensions I came with were suitably cleared and am certain the journey of 7 habits is going to be a revealing one from me.

Cognizant Participant - 7Habits Trainer

Want to sincerely thank you for all the assistance during my stay for the program. The proof of the pudding is in eating and the delivery proved this right.

Was definitely not at all surprised at the depth of your knowledge which came with the long association but what stood out more clearly was the ease at which you put the participants. You were 'aggressively assertive' with lot of fun.

British High Commission - Participant

Hope you are well. I wanted to write to you regarding my home work (7 habits). I have made a deposit in my emotional bank account.

I have called one of old friends in the UK. Actually she misplaced one of my bags that was supposed to be delivered through her to my aunt in the UK.

I did not like the way she reacted even after the loss of my baggage. It was a lot of embarrassment for me too from my aunt. So I decided to never talk to her. Later she tried to talk to me, I did not.

I have called my friend finally few days ego. After speaking to her, I feel bad for being so stubborn and not wanting to know her all these days. We had a good laugh and forgave each other's behaviours.

Its a good feeling.

Cutting the long story short, thanks to [the trainer] and the 7 Habits.

Also Many thanks again, the team dynamics us have been good.


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