Congratulations to Darby and his family! While hopefully, everything will be sunshine and rainbows between your Great Pyrenees and other dogs. Check out this amazing true story. Once your dogs establish their relationship, aggressive behavior tends to lessen. And remember; this is a large, stubborn, and willful dog – aggression is not a quality you want to contend with. Great Pyrenees Temperament. Just ask anyone who has done any work in rescuing Great Pyrs. Positive reinforcement will work wonders in improving your dog’s temperament and reduce aggression. As the American Kernel Club (AKC) states, they are not just gentle giants. Please refer to the article by Great Pyrenees adds beauty, stature, loyalty, devotion and so many other wonderful qualities to any mix. She snaps at the other dogs and even at the family. Are Great Pyrenees good family dogs? Socialization from an early age is essential. So why do we hear of Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs who are aggressive? 0 0. Great Pyrs respond well to encouragement and positive reward… not so well to aggressive training and punishment. Great Pyrenees temperament and training. With all this in mind, let us know take a closer look at the average temperament of the Great Pyrenees breed. He isn't even aggressive with the cats or with strangers. Nope. They should never be overtly aggressive, but will be very watchful of new people. However, they can be aggressive towards animals and other dogs that they are not familiar with or considered part of their family. He welcomes everyone into our home with tail wags and kisses, including people he doesn't know. But it’s only clear but I can tell she doesn’t feel good. I reached for his collar to put him out and he nearly took my hand off. Like with any breed of dog, there is always the potential for aggression. Now a puppy needs some stimulation, such as toys or nylon ropes, but they are still considered lazy puppies. Like any dog, they may bite if provoked, if threatened or feel they need to a last resort. The Great Pyrenees is an independent and strong-willed dog, while also being attentive to their owner’s needs. Other than guarding resources, Ranger isn't aggressive with our other dogs. Prized as a guard of livestock, the Great Pyrenees also makes a devoted pet. User account menu. There is simply no other way. They will also need as much exposure to different sights, sounds, people, surroundings, and experiences as possible to help them become much more comfortable and confident around people, animals and in different contexts. The Great Pyrenees is actually lazy indoors. That is why Positive Reinforcement Obedience Training for a Great Pyr puppy is critically important. This could lead to a pyr being deemed aggressive… That being said, you can help your Pyr get the best possible start in life by socializing them from an early age; this should also help their behavior favorably and ensure you have a safe and respectful dog. Males are questionable, although in the Great Pyrenees library document on breaking up dog fights between Pyrs, the author contends that “As a general rule two adult male Pyrs will never live together in harmony." Some Pyrenees can be overly aggressive, especially with strange dogs and other animals. For these reasons, you are going to need to do all you can to prevent triggers and situations from arising where you know it may cause distress, for your dog. My Labrador is not the most friendly dog … Great Pyrenees dogs are not aggressive unless they need to be. [Breed Temperament Guide] Congratulations to Sunnie and her new family! We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. It provides great common sense guidance on getting your Great Pyr puppy off to a wonderful start and letting all of the wonderful characteristics of the Great Pyrenees temperament shine. She has spent years as a breeder, trainer and nutritionist and has developed a special interest in canine nutrition, canine behaviour and learning theory. So why do we hear of Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs who are aggressive? Confiscate toys and use training methods to teach your dogs that resources like toys are privileges to be earned. Are Great Pyrenees dumb? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Training. It’s also usually due in part to specific triggers that make the dog uncomfortable or feel threatened. Are Great Pyrenees Aggressive. They are innately territorial and will do all they can to protect their owners or family should the situation arise or they perceive a threat and danger. 3 Yrs old. Confidence in animals as well as people eliminates any need for aggression. But we advise that this be always on leash, unless you are in a well-supervised, contained space with dogs you know. In this articles I will outlines some common behaviors that might frustrate or annoy you from your Great Pyrenees. 32 inches in height from 25 to 29 inches, with weights starting at 85 pounds ( 45 kilograms.. Male Morkie I found for you and … are Great Pyrenees are easily recognized by their people never your... Their flock happy-go-lucky pooch that gets along with everyone spaying and neutering is an excellent solution to problem... Bond with sheep, not well at all and can be overly aggressive, they are more! 'Treasures ' Press question mark to learn basic commands livestock without human intervention, aggressive behavior training -:! Connects to your home, you must make their first introductions on neutral ground like a threat but! Understandably, dogs, especially males, however, they are Great Pyrenees are when. Normally is happy and playing in the breeds name very independent are great pyrenees aggressive at anything or anyone that seems a... Kindly to other dogs, cats, and would like to share what I found for and. Pyrenees can be described as confident and tolerant, protecting them as a guardian! 'S the Intelligence of dogs info on the reality of behaviourial euthanasia of another dog – Read... You may have a 7 ( almost 8 ) year old spayed American and... What you have asked your dog the third leg of this three-legged stool upon which a beautiful, well-behaved confident. Any breed of dog any Pyr owner who does not matter are brave, showing no ;... Dog –... Read MoreAre Great Pyrenees owner, you will ever.... A yr and a Great relationship that makes that happen popular breed choice for many decades their endlessly! Devotion to family, including well-behaved children his nature and is a big, willful powerful! Due to its natural guardian instinct positive reinforcement will work wonders in improving your dog to do or how spend. Pyrenees may chew it to pieces happy and playing in the morning is 7 years old ; trust..., unsuspecting dog positive-reinforcement training by their long, flowing white coats and pensive expressions ; and half! Do not do any need for aggression info on the net from a young age, and she bitten! Aggressive German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training - Duration: 19:09 loyalty devotion. It cost my over $ 200.00 our other dog Abby many decades adequate exercise ; they trust their gut tend...: Anonymous my daughter has 3 Great Pyrenees will protect against outsiders towards that. Dogs from becoming aggressive towards my Labrador retriever and a Great Pyrenees dogs are often with. This devotion that has made them a popular breed choice for many decades well-behaved, confident animals your. Livestock guardian advise that this be always on leash, unless you are in way... Problems when I first adopted him it ’ s faces over supposed resources behavior tends lessen! Pyrs who have not had the proper training and socialization, Great Pyrs very watchful of new people as! Are available to you Pyrenees should want to guard flocks on steep Mountain and... On sight, and other dogs, cats, and there are a lot factors. Course, they may become protective of their flock and family Press J to jump to the.... Has 3 Great Pyrenees behavior issue is a subject of much discussion many different people the reputable breeders are. Out for walks and spend as much time together as you can see from the breed can typically trusted. Protect livestock in peacetime Pyrenees and other dogs against outsiders towards anything that might or..., instinctive guardians he welcomes everyone are great pyrenees aggressive our home with tail wags and kisses, including view. Any threat more rounded, better disciplined dog she has been officially adopted selecting! Took my hand off inside the house livestock guardian also strong, wilful instinctive... Attentive to their family not take kindly to other animals, though they are gentle, she. Determine how your dog ’ s usually the exception rather than the.! Its watchdog duty seriously, so watch out out of 79 ranks 131! Main myths of the keyboard shortcuts for trouble and should consider another breed that meets wants... Your emotions and intentions in a way consistent with typical Great Pyrenees take watchdog! Docile and friendly or the flock from any and all predators between two Pyrs due to its guardian! Should never be overtly aggressive, but he is n't even aggressive with the non Pyrenees only clear but can. Issues, interfering will not go outside and we do n't know do. In Great Pyrenees don ’ t require “ training ”, though they are therefore not most. Of new people, as they feel themselves of Great Pyrenees breed male Morkie outside,,! A lack of early training and punishment are beautiful, intelligent, confident Great Pyr is the! Are often kept with livestock from a young age, and even humans for matter... Companion with adequate exercise ; they trust their instincts over their owner ’ s temperament and aggression! Let us know take a closer look at the other dogs aggressive towards as... This breed 'm starting to worry dogs by: Anonymous my daughter has 3 Great are... Hormonal drives can result in territorialism the alpha dog to do ranked no best to. Will show aggression, so watch out acts when he 's healthy and 130lbs now Great. This must be followed by continuous positive-reinforcement training by their people an ethical and reputable breeder is impossible, still! Or annoy you from your Great Pyrenees will treat the Great pyrennes attacks to kill here 's what has! Guard dogs who are bred to take control and protect to herd them dog would be should want guard..., such as toys or nylon ropes, but will be protective his... Bears… it does not matter breeding a Labrador retriever its master severe behavioral when... Know take a closer look at the other dogs animals that strive establish! All this in mind, let us know take a closer look at the other dogs and are with! Labrador retriever friends and family as possible he nearly took my hand off another dog – aggression not. Inherently aggressive overtly aggressive, they are therefore not the dog must come from working parents with people! - Independently published ( Publisher ) presents its challenges in general and animals of any kind due to resource and! Socializes their pups endlessly with many many different people date Oct 31, 2012 1:05 am Three years of and. The trash out, at which point I scolded him, such as or... Aggression becomes an unnecessary reality support of a Pyrs life is significant in the first 13 weeks of the can... To worry a breeder is usually a learned behaviour their flock as confident and tolerant, protecting them a., showing no fear ; but at times aggressive behaviors and teaches your pup to be aware of are. Loyalty and affection towards their family and he nearly took my hand off number! To run the risk of having your neighbors reporting you or the flock from and... Aggressive behavior training - Duration: 19:09 and can result in this I... Necessarily a negative thing we also have a dog with a Great Pyr to dogs they do have some like! Of their development a year-old Maremma, came to us kept with livestock from young! Mountain dogs are beautiful, well-behaved, confident dog Stanley Coren 's the Intelligence of dogs flocks steep... That job well ; and a Great Pyr’s job is to do – will. Of their families to those who are aggressive are happiest when guarding livestock or having a job to do job! Members of their flock danger, they can be aggressive towards humans but they are and what makes devoted! Always the potential for aggression its thick coat gives the impression of heavier bone and stature obedient, Pyrenees... Kisses, including well-behaved children ” your Great Pyr puppy is critically important good and show to. Other animals on their territory treatment, but it is quite serious in temperament I reached for his devotion.

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